Accepting Insignificance

Welcome to My Transient Reality!

In this ever changing world, it just makes perfect sense to alter your perceptions as it suits you.  Without an overly-inhibiting fear of retribution, I often find myself reevaluating my views on various subjects following insightful input from another person, or from indirect sources such as articles and the radio.  As long as you stay true to yourself, who says you have to eternally uphold your ideals!


About once every year or so, I make up my mind to start a blog.  Actually, up until a few years ago, it was a journal.  No, not the program you download straight out of a Google search, but an actual, honest-to-goodness pen-and-paper notebook.  It’s ok, I got over it.

Anyway, I have it all figured out in my head.  I’m going to write funny and insightful blogs once a week that make people nod their heads introspectively, and tell all their friends about the incredibly sagacious blogger they’ve discovered.  (Yeah, sagacious is always a clue in crossword puzzles.  It’s a great word.)  Then they share the link with all their friends, and within a few months my page has thousands of hits, and then I get a book offer from Penguin and my writing career shifts into high gear.  By the time I’m thirty-two, I have three best sellers to my name, and a fourth little known novella that is quickly garnering a cult following.  I get calls to talk on Craig Ferguson and Oprah on the same day, and have to spend days agonizing over which to accept.  Then I blog about it.

After one or two marginally chuckle-inducing, glaringly sarcastic posts, I realize that I’m probably never going to get discovered this way, three of my friends read the first and one read the second, and I don’t actually have anything to write about anyway.  So I quit.

WELL THIS TIME IT’S GONNA BE DIFFERENT.  These babies are gonna make you think and laugh and Oprah will take notice.  I might be forty before that third book is published but damnit, it’s going to happen.

Yeah, probably not.  But I’m giving it another shot anyway.



I feel like this is an appropriate first picture and no, I don’t tag electrical boxes. My photos aren’t necessarily going to have anything to do with my posts; think of it as a “How I Saw The World This Week” kind of thing


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