The Rain

A break from the health-related blogging…

The sun is coming out from behind fluffy white clouds that a moment ago were thick and gray and turgid with unshed raindrops.  Sitting in front of my big office windows, it’s kind of neat to watch the shift in the demeanor of passers-by as the weather alters (for the fifth time today).  A minute earlier, pedestrians shrugged their shoulders up to their ears and hitched on their frowns, waddling to their destination at top Business Casual speed, while trying to splash as little moisture on their pant hems as possible.  Now, they stroll past equipped with smiles and improved posture, breathing in the fresh scent of the air and lingering as long as they can rationally excuse to their superiors.  Some squint up at the sky, scanning for foreboding clouds that could promise a relapse, or just enjoying the heat of the sun on their cheeks.

I find it entertaining that despite the general poor mood that persists with people walking in the rain, there is also this solid camaraderie between those trapped in the downpour.  The other day I decided to go for a run just as the rain was clearing off.  About half way along, it began to pour harder than it had all day.  With no other option short of hiding under a tree, and since I actually love running in the rain, I just kept on going.  All of a sudden people who, if I had passed them in the sunshine, would have kept staring straight ahead, smiled and chuckled with me as I sloshed past.  A cyclist, who had obviously been caught in the storm as well, grinned as he whipped by, rain streaming off his helmet and back tire.  I felt like I could have struck up a small talk conversation with any of them and we could have had a good chat!  It’s kind of a less dire version of misery loves company.

I love the rain.  Every evening that it rains, I wish I had an available friend or significant other with whom I could go on a Rain Walk.  While getting unexpectedly drenched on the way to work is just aggravating and leaves you fiddling with your hair for hours, planning an outing specifically to be soaked to the skin is invigorating and freeing and…not nearly as much fun on your own.  Someday I’ll have someone on standby for all the really awesome thunderstorms; it’s on my list of things to do.

Maybe if it pours again tonight (there are glimpses of blue sky right now, so it seems unlikely) I will stand out on the deck with my head back and my arms out, and see just how sodden I can get; wash all this city dust off of me.



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