Delirious Joy, 5oz.

Isn’t there just something about Summer?

I know – I’ve been away for awhile.  Work got super busy, as did the social life, and before I knew it, it was the middle of July and I’m like “Holy crap! Where the heck did half my summer just go?”  But anyway…

It’s just so wonderful.  It doesn’t even matter if it’s raining or blisteringly, painfully hot (like today).  There is something about the smell of the air, and the feel of the breeze (especially today) that is just freeing and uplifting and invigorating.  This determination could be partially based on the fact that I am extremely cheerful right now, but it is nevertheless true.

Summer is that time that I wait impatiently for all the rest of the year.  Fall is beautiful and perfect for photo shoots, but the daunting future snows put somewhat of a damper on the enjoyment of it.  Then winter comes – and I really, really don’t like winter.  It isn’t even the snow – it’s the cold.  The bitter, biting cold that makes everything take twice as long, and require twice as many clothes.  I’m a tank top girl – I wear tank tops year round – and I really don’t enjoy being forced to don a sweater that constricts at my throat and makes me sweat half way through the day because someone with a penchant for causing discomfort decided to invent heating.

So I suffer through winter.  And I’ll admit – I don’t always manage to do it gracefully.  More often than not, I fall into a semi-depressed state that becomes so the norm that I don’t even notice it until I switch to Ridiculously Happy in the Summer.  I hole up in my bedroom with illegally downloaded legitimately rented movies and wile away the hours watching shows that just make me bawl my eyes out, like The Break-Up (for its bittersweet ending), or Twilight (for its amazing ability to completely destroy my faith in womankind).

And then, one morning, I crawl out from under my cocoon of hypo-allergenic duvet and 60 count sheets (I’m paying off a hefty Student Loan, ok?) and I hear it.  That wonderful sound that harkens to my soul and ignites my ambitions once more: Birds singing.

Wait, I think, were these birdies serenading outside my window all winter, while I was too down-in-the-dumps to notice? No – impossible! (Except for this year, when it was so unseasonably warm that a lot of them stuck around.  But I’m generalizing for the sake of poetic prose.)  Then, it can only mean one thing!

And with a leap that would challenge the 10th day of Christmas, I alight at the window and – yes! – there I can just see a teeny tiny recession in the snow at the edge of the lawn.  It’s Spring!

After some happy dancing and nose-snubbing at the snow that is fighting a losing battle at long last, I begin to perk up.  It’s gradual, much like the receding snow line that inches toward the house at a snail pace.  I hit a few road blocks (the inevitable March snow storm, and that dreary time when you can’t tell if it’s Spring or Fall), but time goes by – as it does – and suddenly it is the middle of April, and the trees are budding, the garden is thawing, the snow mold is aggravating my allergies … and hurrah!  I’m all the way to Delighted once again.

Of course, Summer will fly by.  But heck, I’m going to enjoy the pants off every moment of it with new friends and campfires and sitting out watching the stars.  And maybe I’ll even try my hand at bottling up and freezing some of that Delirious Joy, to help get me through the winter.

Because the best way to get through that is to remember that no matter what else uncontrollable happens in my life – Summer always comes around again.

A shot from my rainy day walk on Canada Day.
This art was so bright and happy – it made me smile.
And dance on the train tracks.


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