Segregating the Stuff

Well, I have gotten rid of some “stuff”.

Ok, not very much, to be honest.  I took most of my books off my shelves and packed them away in boxes, but this is mostly to see if I can survive without the added bulk in my bedroom.  They’re just chilling on new shelves in the garage, for now.  Who knows.  Maybe in a few months I’ll feel up to going through them again and getting rid of some (after meticulously recording title, author, publisher and date in a safe place…or three).

But I did go through my boxes and boxes of kitchen stuff, which I had previously assumed was all necessary; it was only in boxes because I moved in with someone who already had a pretty established kitchen.  Boy, was I wrong! I think I had 5 spatulas.  I managed to pare it down to one of each utensil (they even match!), and I pitched a bunch of glasses I got for free when I worked at a liquor store.  Some other stuff was turfed as well, and including the clothes my roommate and I had already set aside, I had about 7 boxes and bags stuffed into the trunk of my car.  Ah, reusing.  Just think what an interesting life those artifacts will have.  Someone will buy a plastic spoon, and if they actually use it, it will perhaps taste various dishes of Africa, or India, or Italy.  Then, once it has served it’s purpose, it will go back to the thrift store to be reborn yet again! (It is my firm belief that people who buy stuff from thrift stores, give stuff to thrift stores.)

Even with all this, I still look at the entire garage wall packed full of my junk, and think “Good gravy, do I ever have a lot of crap!  Surely I only really need about ⅓ of this stuff.”  I think the fact that most of it has been sitting there, untouched, since I moved in, is more than enough testament to that.  Well, Purge Part II, coming soon!

I was discussing this idea of Simplification with my mother, and the discussion turned to the importance of focussing on “living” rather than “amassing as much loot as you can fit in your shed”.   It made me think of this whole YOLO craze that is going on right now.  Admittedly, I know next to nothing about it, beyond the fact that Drake started it, and it’s like freakin’ wildfire.  And it gives twitty teens an excuse to be complete idiots because “hey, whatevs dude. You only live once!”

So I won’t judge …at least not too harshly.  But I will amend, to suit myself, and whoever else cares to agree.  Rather than living because you could die tomorrow (which is how I understand YOLO), why not live because you’re alive today?  You shouldn’t spend your life forgetting or foregoing consequence, but you can celebrate each breath you are fortunate enough to breathe.  How many you have left needn’t colour the significance of the one you’re taking now!

In … out … in …


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