Morning Rituals

I think everyone has some sort of schedule they follow in the morning, even if they don’t recognize it.  For instance, I was once asked which body part I dry first when I step out of the shower.  I thought good and hard and decided it was my back and shoulders.  Nope, I was informed, I bet it’s your face.  Well, I’ll be danged if that isn’t true, as it apparently is for most people.

My morning ritual isn’t terribly exciting or unique.  I tend to reset my alarm for another half hour, turn over and snuggle deeper into the warm, cozy covers…and then get up five minutes later, anyway.  I have started setting my alarm for half an hour earlier than when I want to get up, so that the reset takes me to the correct time, if not earlier.  I’m sneaky like that.

But however set in our routine we may be, it is always possible to alter it.  I taught myself to write my “a”s with the arch over the circle, and I’m currently in the process of learning not to hold the phone receiver with my cheek and shoulder at work.  So it can be done!

Recently, I decided that I would like to introduce Drinking Tea into my morning routine.  (Yes, this post is about tea.  Did you see it coming?)  I have always loved drinking tea, but lately I’ve become quite the tea enthusiast, initially because I was cold in the morning after getting to work, and I don’t like coffee.  So I’d put a pot on for my bosses, and then boil some water for myself.  I started bringing my favourite Chai from home, since I’m super picky and sometimes Tetley just doesn’t cut it, and soon I was having two to three cups a day – and that was just at the office!  I will occasionally bring cream, or almond milk to supplement (it’s like a chai latte, except it doesn’t cost 4.52), but I can pretty much drink that stuff any way at all.

Anyhow, that isn’t what I meant by my morning routine.  You know how people get up and the first thing they do is brew their morning coffee?  Or, if they’re super fanatics, they set their fancy coffee maker to start its drip two minutes before their alarm goes off.  My roommate is one of those addicts who evidently can’t leave the house without her mug full of steaming java. (I don’t want to say “can’t function”, because she’s actually quite friendly prior to the first sip!)

So I came to the conclusion that the best way to make my morning better (read: even remotely manageable) is to have tea.  Every morning. (Plus three times at work, plus once or twice in the late afternoon/evening.  And I talk about coffee fanatics…)  This new habit has been making me indescribably happy.  For one thing, I tend to have an overabundance of caffeinated teas, and a serious lack of decaf, in my cupboard, so mornings are better than evenings; it’s also a great beverage-induced face slap – WAKE UP, ya bum!

Have you ever heard of, or tried, David’s Tea?  It is a wonderful place.  I mean, the tea is great – tons of selection, it’s loose so you buy it in whatever amount you want, and each tea has its own handy instructions, ingredients and a little write up.  But.  But.  This is more than just a store where they happen to sell tea.  We aren’t talking coffee shop/art gallery/bookstore/giftstore/Ticketmaster pickup location.  This is a tea store.  That’s it.  They sell tea.  Well, and tea stuff, like mugs with little built in tea strainers, tea kettles, tea balls and sweeteners for tea.  Tea. Have I made my point?  So many stores these days seem to follow the mindset “we don’t really have much confidence in our ability to market just one product to you, so to cover our asses, we’re going to sell everything …oh BTW – we sell tea.” Chalk one up for having faith in your quality products!
(Caveat: you can totally order David’s Tea online!)

Organic Chai Amazonia, and Checkmate are my two current Morning Teas; I switch between them.  The chai is wonderfully cinnamon-y, and Checkmate tastes freaking Delovely when you add coconut milk.  Yeah – I’m classy.  No sugar needed, either.

So, it doesn’t have to be tea.  It can be yoga (which I’m working on incorporating, as well.  That one’s a bit trickier), or a brisk walk, or a half hour of reading before you get out of bed.  But don’t you think it would be nice to add something into your morning routine that improves your personal well-being?

Even though I’m just now struggling to graduate from the stage where I half the time forget about my tea until it’s luke warm – trust me.  It feels good.


This was my birthday present from my roommate.  Guess what it’s called.
…Deep Tea Diver.  Gah! Adorable!!
They’re available on You’re welcome 🙂


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