Autumn Auspices

Well, it is certainly Autumn.

More leaves blanket our yard each afternoon, the sun disappears around 7:30 pm, and the mornings are chilly and often reach the dreaded “Below Zero”.

To me, this transitional season brings mixed emotions.  On the one hand, it means that winter is up next in the queue, and though I love watching big, puffy flakes of snow falling softly, and the eager anticipation of Christmas, as much as the next guy, the cold makes me sluggish and groggy, and the shortened days make me more prone to long reflections, which inevitably lead to deep sighs and sad-song Facebook statuses.

On the other hand, Autumn is absolutely beautiful!  Those leaves I mentioned, they are red and gold and yellow and brown, and they make the most unexciting, flat, gray parking lot look photogenic.  For some reason, the air smells like fireplaces and sun-baked greenery all the time.   And this year, we have been blessed with the kind of wonderful, unseasonable warmth that makes you contemplate a camping trip over (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend.

Up there on the list of My Favourite Things about Fall, in among “Walking through leaves just to hear the crunch” and “Standing on the back deck just breathing in the air”, is the unpacking of the Winter Stuff.  I absolutely love Sweater Season, even if I don’t much care for the temperatures that make such clothing necessary.  As soon as my school-going friends were back in classes after Labour Day weekend, I was rummaging around in the garage for my duvet-bag of off-season attire.   It was a very exciting few minutes.  The fun ended, however, when my roommate blamed the forcasted low temperatures for the following few days on my packing away my sandals.  I had to leave a pair out to appease her. (And so I guess you can thank me for the recent warm spell!)

Another wonderful thing about Autumn? Hot foods and beverages.

Don’t get me wrong. Hot foods are amazing and I eat them without prejudice all throughout the year.  But there is just something about coming in from the cool wind with a slight chill, and sitting down in the breakfast nook with a steaming bowl of homemade soup, or a nice, warm mug of Chai tea.  It almost makes me wish the warm weather would abate a little bit.  (Shhh, don’t tell anyone in my neck of the woods.)

Any season change is a time of new beginnings – of doors closing and windows opening, if you will.  It’s the perfect time to examine your life and determine what you are satisfied or just plain tickled pink about, and what you might want to change.  For me: I’m happy with pretty much everything. Now, if I could just manage to get rid of some more useless stuff, and maybe find a way to fit more writing into my evenings – well, my life would be pretty darn near perfect!


There are two photos today, you lucky bunch!

This was my first “Instagram” photo.  I won’t become one of those incessant
Instagrammers, who post images of every single meal, but it is fun to take a
snapshot that identifies my mood at the moment.
After all, a 1000 word limit is better than 140 characters!

I had a lovely taste of Fall last weekend
when I got the splendid opportunity to take my best friend’s
engagement photos.  It was a perfect day.


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