Returning from the Abyss of the “Real World”

Wow – have I ever been slacking off in the blog-posting arena lately!

Does anyone else get that urge where, after you’ve made one change in your life, you feel like you might as well fill that out with a whole bunch of other rearrangements, just so people don’t think you’re flaky, or whatever?

One of my revamps wasn’t actually supposed to be to quit blogging – that and not working on my story just sort of came hand in hand with the others, unfortunately.

I didn’t cut off my hair (that was last year’s upgraded OS), or pack up and move to a new city.  I did quit my job, move to a new house, purge a good half of my belongings, and stop using Facebook.

I don’t honestly know which came first, or even if they were really as much entwined with one another as I might like to think.  (That would suggest any kind of logical flow or symmetry to the way I live my life and well, that doesn’t much sound like me.)

The job situation – that’s a really boring story.  Suffice to say that I am now a wee bit more willing to drag my butt out of bed in the morning, but still gnawing at the bit to go to school next Fall.  For someone who wants to get on it the moment they make up their mind to something, waiting for the money, the actual beginning of the course and, well, the acceptance letter, is kind of a tricky game!

My inherent need to be a Nike spokesperson and JUST DO IT plays into the new house arrangement as well.  I was perfectly happy at my old place, but when a room (with TWO windows, on the second floor!) became available a mere 7 minute walk from work/downtown/the bustling metropolis, I snapped it up.  The beauty of moving is that it leaves me no choice but to go through all of my junk.  And holy crap, do I ever have a lot of junk.  I spent the two weeks prior to, and another week after the move just figuring out what I didn’t really need.  Did you know that the average North American middle class citizen has about triple the goods they actually require?  I didn’t do any official math on that one, but it sure sounds legit to me.  And kind of sad.  I wouldn’t say I’m on my way to 100 Things, but I am learning to think about each purchase and each “thing” individually and determine whether it is something I am really going to use.

(On a side note, I would be surprised if my roommate has more than 97 belongings.  Man, did I ever fill up this suite.  Now it actually looks like someone lives here, instead of just a squatter!)

Between the packing and moving and working, I really didn’t spend any significant time on the computer for about a week and a half, and that prompted me to go on a Facebook fast.  I spent just over a week completely off the site, and then figured I should probably make sure no one had professed undying love to me or misunderstood my disappearance to be a dismissal of all things worldly.  (Just in case you were wondering – no one did.)  Since then, I have merely popped on and off to check messages.  No reading status updates or “creeping” photos of so-and-so’s foray into facial piercing.

Unfortunately, spending less time staring mindlessly at a computer screen has led to spending less time staring mindfully at a computer screen.  But I am remedying it! Now that my roommate and I have established a routine, I think I can settle in and make time for my writing a few times a week.

And that, ladies and gents, is my first, and hopefully only, segue post.  Thanks for reading!


If I had an omnipotent say in things, I’d always schedule my Big Changes for summer,
but alas, a lovely, frost-bitten winter will just have to suffice.


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