Some Bad Yogi Love

Maybe you’ve been there.

You cue up an online yoga video, roll out your mat, and clear away the coffee table, floor plant and drying rack so you have room to stretch out.  Then, sitting comfortably in the middle of your mat, you click on that little arrow button in the middle of the black video screen and wait for your fun, invigorating session to begin …

…only to shut it off three breaths into downward dog because the yoga instructor is the most irritating person you’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to.

It happens.  A lot.  The instructors layer soothing, calming music over their recorded practice – which is great.  At least until their drifty, breathy voice and recurring “snnnniiffff, ahhhhhh” noises make you want to throw your yoga block through the screen of your laptop and the only thing stopping you is your lack of funds for a replacement macbook.

I’ve been there.  I absolutely adore yoga.  I love me some Celtic flute and deep breathing.  But so help me goddess, when a video instructor is forcing the mood on me, oblivious to my own desires for the practice, or the day, sometimes I want to scream.  That’s not very yogi, right?

So what do you do? If you’re like me and you can’t afford a membership at a yoga studio past the cheap introductory month, it can get pretty frustrating.  I want a practice that I can make my own – with instruction, maybe a bit of background on why the specific poses are helpful and … that’s it!  Don’t recite Chinese proverbs at me or worse, recite Chinese proverbs under the guise of your own, remarkably life-affirming words.

Just teach me, damnit!

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s a time and a place for deep relaxation, for a spiritually purifying, ritualistic practice that leaves you feeling otherworldly and firm in your desire to help everyone, everywhere, today.

But that time and place isn’t Tuesday morning before class, when I just want to stretch out my tight hips.

Enter Erin Motz.

Perhaps better known as the “Bad Yogi,” Erin is a self-professed carnivore, wine-lover and cheese-feaster.  And she feels no shame about it.

As Erin writes so astutely, being a bad yogi isn’t about purposefully doing the things that “real” yogis don’t do.  It’s about doing what you want.  And doing yoga.

I loved Erin’s videos and blogs from the first vinyasa  flow, but I didn’t think I really fit with the bad yogi creed.  I mean, I’m Vegan.  That’s one of those big things that yogis tend to push.  And that’s when I figured it out.

It’s the lack of that very push that makes me a Bad Yogi.  I don’t expect everyone else to be Vegan.  I don’t have a real opinion on what the best yoga style is (overlooking my post on Bikram…).  I definitely don’t do yoga to be cool; most of the people I know don’t think it is!

Erin wants everyone to do yoga.  But for themselves, not for the glory or the ability to fall over into wheel from a standing position in the middle of a crowded street just to wow onlookers.

And I love her for it.

So what are you sitting here finishing this post for? Get on over to Erin’s blog and fall in love.

Just don’t stalk her, ok?  That’s creepy and besides, only one of us can fit in the bushes.




Oh, Erin’s on Facebook too, guys.  Also, she has this neato Kickstarter project in the works.





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