A Fashionable Thought

There are wonderful things about not wearing makeup on a regular basis.

You can watch sad movies, and walk into the wind, without worrying about black rivulets of tears pooling under your eyes.

You can rub your face without having to then find a mirror and reapply.

You save a fortune on product.

And perhaps most significantly, though when you first forgo the mascara you might feel like your eyes have disappeared beneath your brows and your skin is so blotchy everyone is staring … you quite quickly realize you look completely normal – or even beautiful – without any fabricated enhancement at all.

Every woman should think her naked face is beautiful. (And her naked body, too, but that’s for another post.)


I feel like I go through a lot of stages in my life, and right now I’m barreling straight for an “Exterior Redesign”.  I have always loved fashion – cutting pictures out of magazines, noticing and commenting on funky people around town, wishing I had a waif body type so I could pull off the incredible clothes models wear at fashion shows – yet for some reason, I tend to lean toward a plain old tank-n-jeans look every day.

There’s nothing wrong with tanks and jeans.  Denim is quite possibly the greatest fashion invention ever (except for maybe zippers).  But the thing about this look is it’s easy, and that’s why I go to it.  I don’t choose jeans and a black top because I’ve decided that is the statement I want to make, I choose it because it’s what I have the most of.  And it’s what I have the most of because the jean isle calls my name every time I walk in to Value Village.

I do practically all my shopping at thrift stores.  So then, what an even bigger shame; that I go into places absolutely teeming with unique and hard-to-find items, and still default to racks bursting with Guess and Mavi and Silver.

What does all of this have to do with not wearing makeup, you ask.  Not a lot, but a bit.

For me it goes hand in hand with the fashion issue.  I love the fact that I think I look normal without mascara.  But it’s become less about fashion, and more about laziness.  And for someone who idolizes The Look, it seems a real shame.

When I have only a couple “funky” looks in my closet, I almost feel like a fraud.  I wear those two, and then I have to go back to reliable old jeans and t until enough time has passed that the people I see everyday have forgotten the wild outfits.  Then I can wear them again.

So my goal – and I share it with you because I reckon I’m not alone – is to dial up my funky.

If you wear jeans and t’s because that’s your funky – that’s awesome, do it up.  But if you have just fallen into a lazy rut because of school, or funds, or a business dress 9 to 5 – shake it off sista/brotha!

Get your hands on a single piece that makes you feel groovy. A $5 skirt from Value Village, an amazing clothing swap find.

Dig out old clothes you’ve packed away and see what strikes you as awesome again.

Take a leap of faith and use that lime green eyeliner you bought for Halloween.

Wear your soul.

Fashion showI recently did a shoot at a fashion show/magazine release in the city.
This was my favourite look.
I particularly love that she switched from wicked, studded platform heels to all-stars half way through the night.  I’ll vote kicks over spikes any day.


4 thoughts on “A Fashionable Thought

  1. This is something I’ve actually been thinking about a lot over the last month.

    I’ve fallen in love with this pair of earrings I painted for my female Captain America Halloween costume. This year I went way outside of my comfort zone with a flashy eye-catching costume (complete with glitter glue accessories, a tutu, and bright red lipstick), and it taught me something valuable – if you feel kickass in what you’re wearing then standing out and having everyone’s attention becomes empowering rather than terrifying. It was such a positive experience that I’ve taken to wearing the earrings in my daily life now. I’ve been jokingly calling them my ‘big girl earrings’ because I actually do feel kind of like a superhero when I wear them, just like how a kid might wear a superhero cape to go do something scary like see the doctor.

    I’ve also been having fun with the ridiculously bright red lipstick I bought for the costume. Reactions to it are really fascinating; a lot of people stare and can’t seem to look away… and I think I might just like it. 😛

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