A(nother) Change of Direction

I haven’t been keeping up my blog lately.

I feel like my online baby is kind of withering from neglect.  And it really is like an organic creation.  It started more than 2 years ago and the posts – though sparsely published and with no uniting theme besides their author – very much reflect my moods at each moment.

The last year has been awash with flux, and even though until lately I’ve been pretty good about blogging (this is compared to other years, not other bloggers :P), I think I might need to find a solid direction in which to take this baby.

  • I tried to blog about food.  It’s a different blog, and it might return one day, but it faded out in time.
  • I tried to blog about learning. I got as far as Washington State before I stopped learning a new state and capital a day. (Hint: I started with Washington State).
  • I tried to blog about One Happy Thing per day.  But sometimes I forgot and looking around too much while driving through the city isn’t terribly safe.

But maybe looking back on past posts isn’t the way to realign future ones.

Could something be hiding in my past year itself?  Let’s see…

  • I’ve moved to the far end of the country, away from my parents, my S.O. and my dog.
  • I’ve completed a second degree in another thing it turns out I don’t really want to do (but I’m getting closer).
  • I’ve jetted back across the country (upon completion of said degree) and then drove in the opposite direction to the other coast, all in the pursuit of a job that makes me happy in a city that doesn’t consider -25 degrees Celsius in October “t-shirt weather.”

So maybe my whole problem is that I keep looking back for something to write about going forward.

Recently, upon expressing to a colleague my sincere desire to be a “real” writer, she pointed out the fact that a lot of people make an actual living writing blogs about animals, or knitting, or fitness.

She’s absolutely right, of course, but I still see the glaring difference between me and a lot of those people.

Most of them have a passion for what they’re blogging about – tail-wagging dogs, or amigurumi dogs, or downward dog… and the written word is a handy and accessible way to spread their love of that subject.  Quite well, in many cases.

But my passion is the writing. The actual, physical act of writing words, usually fictional, hopefully funny, rarely finalized.  And I don’t want to write a blog about writing.


Or do I?


So here it is, the new idea.

Each new week, a new bit of writing.  Its lack of any unifying theme will be its theme, because it’s all about the words.  Make believe, voyeurism, historically inaccurate reenactment.  Whatever it is, it’s written by me, from my heart.  And it’s a twofold win: it keeps my blog from becoming stagnant, and it keeps me typing things down.

If I really like something I’ve begun, I might carry it on for another week, or pick it up at a future date.  Whatever!

Thanks for sticking with me.  I hope you enjoy.

photo 1




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