In Interim

Part III seems to have gone the way of the 6th Fire and Ice novel (albeit on a much smaller scale).  That is: never arriving!

Since that section of Mirrors starts breaking down the crux of the story, and since it’s the last part I’ve written, I’ve decided to hold off until I’ve written more on that story.  Thanks so much for reading the first sections – I’m hoping this will become a little novella in the future.

And, in lieu and much belated, a poem.



I watch you till, until
the tree-shaped shadows stretch across
your bending back

Now, aware of the hour, you unclasp
each finger, of late become a vise
around the handle of your staff

Adjusting slowly, you stretch each joint
Scuff in the dirt with a once-black boot
Straighten weary shoulders and just

Smile, in the direction of the wood
Taste scents on heavy air, feel
the whispered wind, the spin of earth

Tired as you are, hungry
for sleep, fresh-baked bread, more daylight
You see through the forested windbreak
You see the trees



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