I’m always in the mood to set new goals for myself … until I’m not.

Now, this would be all find and dandy if these inspirational urges lasted awhile. Maybe a couple weeks, while I perfected a new chord on the guitar, or even a few days, while I became All About fruit and veggie fasting.

But alas, it is more commonly short lived – I mean very short lived. We’re talking lulling myself to sleep by leaving a note at the side of the bed: “start eating healthy,” or “run Tuesdays and Thursdays.”  Come morning, I’m already fully prepared to give in to Corn Pops cravings and lazy evenings spend curled up on the couch.

So, it has me thinking.

Maybe I’m being too vague.  I mean, I’m notorious (to myself, anyway) for not getting random stuff done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m awesome at finishing things.  But these things must be required by employers, professors, parents, or really sincere promises, or they never see completion.

So if I make it really specific – like Check List specific – maybe that will feel more like a really legit promise to my slacker brain.

The plan: One Goal Per Month.

That’s it. One really specific goal that I will try hard – I kinda-pinky-promise? – to successfully maintain, or conclude, as the case may be.

And the secondary point of business: It’s compounding.  That means if I finish a goal one month, I’m expected to still carry on with it the next month, even though I’ll have a new goal to work on as well.

With any luck this will not only encourage me DO things I want to do (because of course, every goal is something I actually want to accomplish), but it will also help me to build some good life habits. Like not watching six episodes of Cougar Town in one sitting. (Not that I actually feel bad about that.  I felt like crap, it was Sunday, and sometimes a girl just needs to get her Courtney Cox fix, amiright?)

Now, onward…

The Goal – Month One

Write three chapters of my novel.

If you’re a voracious writer – or a published novelist – this goal might make you scoff.  But for someone who is seven chapters in to a story begun about 18 months ago, this is a big step.

I can do it. I know I can, because I’ve sat down and written more than 1500 words in an hour before.  That’s half a chapter, right there.

The trick, go figure, is to actually sit down and write. Because just like no publisher will pay me money for a book I haven’t written, no book gets written when I don’t physically write it.  Bummer.

Wish me luck, internet. By this time next month (this is starting tomorrow – I’m not writing anything else tonight) I will be wrapping up chapter Ten.

Really. I will.



On an unrelated note, another piece from the store!

moustache_wpGeometric Moustache
2014 Acrylic on Paper
Etsy Store


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