In case anyone didn’t notice, yesterday was the first day of 2016. Apparently.

Oh, I knew it.  I heard the thumping bass through the ceiling, from the party one floor up, and the loud voices in the hallway at 10:30, just before I went to bed.  But New Years hasn’t really been a big deal to me since I stopped going to the parties and crossing my fingers that my crush would kiss me at midnight.  Ah, youth.

I’ve never really gotten into the whole Resolutions thing, for two reasons: First, I don’t think setting a bunch of goals essentially meant to guilt you into doing better, just because it’s January 1st, is the best way to go at it.  It’s kind of like Valentine’s Day; shouldn’t we be showing our partner we love them/trying to better ourselves every day?

Second, let’s be honest. I absolutely blow at sticking to goals. Like, seriously.  I get things done with time to spare, but it’s as if writing it down and making it official just blows that one completely. Too much pressure, maybe?

But setting “Intentions”? Now, that’s something I can get behind.

Ok, seriously, it’s like the exact same thing.  There’s no Resolution Ruler who says your goals have to be tangible tasks like Get Published, Read 25 Books, Do Yoga Every Day.  Your list can easily have more general instructions:  Intentions.

The two yoga classes I’ve taken since the new year began both embraced this same theme. All-encompassing guidelines around which you can – if you so choose – structure the coming year.  Or, preferably, the rest of your life.

Bits of wisdom like “Do less, and be more” or “Judge less, and appreciate more” or “Take less, and give more”.

I think most people have heard these quotes before.  I’m not even sure there’s a definite source for them, and that’s a pretty good sign of their lasting significance.

My own, overarching intention for the year? Be happy, and spread happy. I’ve got a good start on my own happiness – no more desk job, actually making an income doing what I love, residing in what’s probably the most beautiful place in the country.

So, as I continue along that path, I figure I kind of owe it to this universe that’s given me so much, to give something back (see wisdom #3).

Wishing you all (1) the momentum to pursue your happiness this year, and (2) all the happiness you desire.



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