Interlude: Writing when there’s nothing to write about

It doesn’t matter how many blog posts (ok, blog post titles) I read – making myself write even when I have nothing to say is just not something that comes easily to me.

I think I’m one of those people (god, I hope there’s more of us) who has difficulty finding inspiration.  And unfortunately, when that inspiration isn’t forthcoming, I have a tendency to wither a little bit.  I get moody and depressed – I find myself choosing video games over a good book, Pinterest-browsing instead of crafting, scrolling through images rather than editing or creating my own.

I’m ashamed of that, to a certain extent.  I dare to call myself a writer, an artist, a creative, when as soon as the road gets a little rough and rocky, I turn into a couch-curled ball of stagnancy?  Who am I trying to fool?

But all those blog posts are right. (I imagine. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually read one straight through.) In order to be inspired, you must go out and get inspired. Sitting around wishing a poem topic or blog theme or painting will simply come to you is a bit idealistic.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, but if you spend a week waiting for it, just think how much time you’re wasting not hunting down other possibilities. That uninvited inspiration will still surface, eventually, but imagine all the other inspiring bits and pieces you could get done while waiting on it.

Wherever your inspiration stems from — a well of truth, a stunning muse, a discarded slipper — it’s not going to abandon you or run dry just because in the meantime you’ve gone out in pursuit of other ways to top it up.

There are a million and one excuses: I’ll never do better than this one, there’s cleaning to get done, I just need to sleep in, Friends is on (FYI, if you have enough channels – or Netflix – Friends is always on. Always). And if you’re already shaking your head – no, no, I need this –  even mindful pursuit of those very excuses could wind up inundating you with just the motivation you need.

Well, look at that. I guess something can come of sitting your butt down at the keyboard, even when there’s “nothing to write about.”

pink mocassin - border



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