7 Little Things To Make You Smile

If you’re living through your Facebook feed or the news notifications on your phone, you could easily be enticed into believing the world is going to hell in hand basket.

And while it’s undeniably true that horrible things (like what seems to be a fatal shooting a day) and stupid things (like certain phrases from the mouths of certain politicians) do happen on an all-too-regular basis, their existence shouldn’t diminish the potentially equivalent impact of good things on the world.

But if you’re avoiding your news feed in a proactive attempt to stave off depression, worry not! I’ve collected a few – guess how many! – little internet lovelies aimed at adding a bit of Happy to your day.

1. This video of baby elephants demanding cuddles:

2. This story of a super-cute baby bird who wore custom corrective snowshoes:

“Little Bird Gets Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ To Fix Her Problem Feet”

3. This compilation of 300 movie dance scenes that will make you want to wiggle your bum. It’s especially fun if you play the “how many can I name as they flash by?” game:

4. This video of the kids from “Stranger Things” singing Uptown Funk (and dancing adorably). Honourable happy mention to whomever came up with a new name for the song: “Upside Down Town Funk”:

5. The images by this hilarious couple, who have dedicated their online lives to using this gentleman’s beard for good:

6. This sweet, and original-as-all-get-out, stop motion animation of penne:

7. This artist’s work, that offers animals a medium to express their feelings on upsetting species-specific truths:


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