I saw the title ofย my document and thought I had named it that. ย Turns out I just hadn't named it anything at all, and that seemed to fit best. Isn't it funny how that works out? -- It's in your eyes Unmissable this time, no lies No playing pretend, no hiding out, like I can't … Continue reading Blank


Simpler Times

In memory of a simpler time, or maybe just a time with more time. She said, I recall the stars, their gaze, As we watched from the hill at the skyline they made All those shimmering windows into angelic homes Where dinners on tables were spread I recall my dismay at the light, in the … Continue reading Simpler Times


We all deal with loss in different ways, and no one path is necessarily more suitable than any other. This loss, far from death, has too it's own grieving regime. Say goodbye Fragile you, so small And yet, now lost, you leave a void Belying a significance not before known. A phantom touch, you leave … Continue reading Adieu


The Lake, of a Morning

The other day I was listening to a story on the radio. A journalist/researcher who had the fascinating job of tracking the sounds and story of a "dying" town in British Columbia was talking about an old man she met while working there - a high-line fisherman who lives, like the rest of the community, … Continue reading The Lake, of a Morning