Website Redirect :)

Hi! Thanks for checking out BeRaindrops! I've been working on lots of new things (or, rather, having lots of ideas and procrastinating on most of them), one of which is an actual website. This blog won't be updated anymore, but I do try to pop up once in awhile on the new location so please, … Continue reading Website Redirect 🙂



It's an interim post - don't you hate those? I would like to announce a new project I'm undertaking.  Mostly because the more people I tell, the more likely I am to actually stick to it (just like I've stuck to posting a blog every week...). My goal is to take (and of course post) … Continue reading Photo-a-Day

In Interim

Part III seems to have gone the way of the 6th Fire and Ice novel (albeit on a much smaller scale).  That is: never arriving! Since that section of Mirrors starts breaking down the crux of the story, and since it's the last part I've written, I've decided to hold off until I've written more … Continue reading In Interim


An Old Reflection – Part II

Here is the second piece of Mirrors.  You can read Part I here. I'm definitely feeling a pull to continue this story, now that it's floating around on the big wide web! Part III is coming tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Part II Alice looked up from her notebook. The sun had set behind the weeping willows on … Continue reading An Old Reflection – Part II


An Old Reflection

Greetings! A few years ago, I started a story that held a bit of a mystery, and I decided to let it unfold as I wrote, instead of planning out the "truth" of it. I found myself extremely drawn to the characters - essentially opposites of each other, living completely opposing lives. For some reason … Continue reading An Old Reflection



I've had death on the mind a lot lately, at least when writing. It could have something to do with the fact that I'm working on a murder mystery, or I could just be, at the base of it all, a morbid person. I'm cool with it, either way. This is the...let's say Prologue of … Continue reading Afterdeath



Rhyme has always fascinated me. Slam poetry with its partial, random schemes, and the ability of some poets to make their regimented rhymes, Dr. Seuss-like, still sound so deep and meaningful, despite their children's song layout. On the rare occasions that I write poetry these days (I used to pen it almost exclusively), I don't … Continue reading Quasi-Rhyme