7 Reasons We Shouldn’t Cling To Knee-Jerk Impressions

Your first impression could be wrong (and it might be healthier to assume it is)


Interlude: Writing when there’s nothing to write about

It doesn’t matter how many blog posts (ok, blog post titles) I read - making myself write even when I have nothing to say is just not something that comes easily to me. I think I’m one of those people (god, I hope there’s more of us) who has difficulty finding inspiration.  And unfortunately, when … Continue reading Interlude: Writing when there’s nothing to write about

The Road to Freelancing: Inactivity Breeds Inactivty

Vacation can be a wonderful thing.  A week or two of being productive in our own ways - knitting, painting, jogging, catching up on missed episodes of your favourite shows - can often be just what we need to jumpstart our career-related productivity.  We return to our desk refreshed and renewed, with a whole new cheerful … Continue reading The Road to Freelancing: Inactivity Breeds Inactivty


The Road to Free(lancing) – Part I

It's fitting, in my mind, that a job requiring one to work mostly from home, seek out a variety of clients, and write for them - blogs, product descriptions, articles, ebooks, other content - should have the word "free" in its title. Even if will probably amount to a serious decrease in income, I can't … Continue reading The Road to Free(lancing) – Part I



I'm always in the mood to set new goals for myself ... until I'm not. Now, this would be all find and dandy if these inspirational urges lasted awhile. Maybe a couple weeks, while I perfected a new chord on the guitar, or even a few days, while I became All About fruit and veggie … Continue reading Motivizing


The Burn

Create art for a living It's a frustratingly polarizing ambition, that. Some days, after a particularly good piece of prose has tumbled from my brain, or a sketch has the shining potential to become a hypnotically beautiful painting, I am bubbling over with the prospect. Heck yeah, I can own and operate my own business! … Continue reading The Burn



I saw the title of my document and thought I had named it that.  Turns out I just hadn't named it anything at all, and that seemed to fit best. Isn't it funny how that works out? -- It's in your eyes Unmissable this time, no lies No playing pretend, no hiding out, like I can't … Continue reading Blank