7 things I learned at the Victoria Yoga Conference

The 5th annual yoga conference was full of wonderful people, amazing classes, and life-changing inspiration. Here's how it affected me.


Reconnecting with Yoga

Yoga and I have had a complicated relationship. It's nothing either one of us has ever done, but...ok, that's a lie. It's something I've done. Something not at all surprising to anyone who knows me and my propensity for never finishing anything. I first became acquainted with yoga when I was about sixteen. Once I … Continue reading Reconnecting with Yoga

You Should Do Yoga

I remember when I discovered yoga. I was 16 when I got my hands on that first book โ€“ one of those thick-paged, hand-sized volumes that breaks down the poses with pictures of people in pastel unitards, awkwardly cut out of their original environment, floating on stark white backgrounds. The internet not being quite the … Continue reading You Should Do Yoga